1st June


So, the summer starts with the publication of an all-parliamentary report into data analytics, the Trust, Transparency and Tech report. I’ve picked out the key findings I thought relevant to education (there are more so do read the full report):

To maintain and develop trust in proper use of data there needs to be a transparent code of ethics that is consistent across education establishments, with students involved throughout its development.

That practices across the HE sector are inconsistent and there should be better learning and consistency of approach. As in other public service sectors, the exploitation of data and technology to deliver common good while addressing issues of ethics and privacy calls for an independent Educational Data Ethics Advisory Board.

I thought it worth putting Bryan Short’s next to underneath this report ( his story is based on a Canadian experience), but we can use his experience to check that it isn’t repeated and if a student enquires about his/her data then it’s treated as a reasonable request. As I’ve mentioned before, the use of 3rd party tools in education challenges tracing where data is stored and who has access – this needs to be covered in any discussion about digital ethics.